Xbox Game Pass Introduces a Day One Game with Exceptional Replay Value Today

The Xbox Game Pass update on January 25 is set to include the addition of a new day-one title called Go Mecha Ball. This indie release, known for its fast-paced gameplay, is expected to contribute to the already extensive selection of high-quality roguelike games available on Xbox Game Pass.

January has proven to be an exceptional month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, witnessing the addition of 11 titles to Microsoft’s subscription library since the beginning of the year. Among these, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and the widely successful survival game Palworld were introduced as day-one releases. Go Mecha Ball is now poised to join this esteemed group.

Developed by Whale Peak Games, the twin-stick shooter is yet to be integrated into Xbox Game Pass as of the current writing (around 7 am ET / 4 am PT). Day-one releases often align with their launch times on other platforms, and in the case of Go Mecha Ball, its debut on Steam is scheduled for approximately 11 am ET / 8 am PT. It is anticipated that Xbox Game Pass members will gain access to the game around the same time.

Go Mecha Ball offers an exhilarating experience featuring a user in a mech suit capable of curling up into a ball. While at its core a twin-stick shooter, the game incorporates level design and progression characteristic of roguelikes, ensuring high replayability. Notably, it features an interactive, dynamically generated soundtrack akin to recent Doom titles, synchronizing with on-screen events.

In addition to Go Mecha Ball, Xbox Game Pass is also welcoming the full version of Phantom Abyss, another roguelike that merges first-person action with an Aztec setting and asynchronous multiplayer features. Having been part of the subscription catalog since June 2021 during early access, the 1.0 build of Phantom Abyss introduces new game modes and enhancements, enhancing overall accessibility.

Looking ahead, Brotato, Blobfish’s acclaimed roguelite shooter, is slated to join Xbox Game Pass on January 30. Beyond that, multiple games have been confirmed for February, with Atlus’s highly anticipated Persona 3 remake being a notable addition.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the top tier of Microsoft’s flagship game subscription service, offers over 100 game titles with a single purchase, making it a compelling value proposition within the Xbox ecosystem.

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