Today’s Top NFT News: Coinbase, Nifty Island, and Nyan Heroes Updates

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is experiencing a day of mixed sentiments, marked by a 13% decrease in sales volume over the past 24 hours, currently standing at $42,893,676.

NFT transactions have seen a 9% decline within the same period. Sellers have decreased by 3.5%, while buyers are up by nearly 10%.

Among the top 10 collections by sales volume, MintID stands out as the best performer, surging by 382% in a day to $2.2 million. Mutant Ape Yacht Club follows closely as the second-best, with a 74% increase to $949,433.

However, CryptoUndeads, leading the top 10 in sales volume, has experienced the largest drop, plummeting by 72% to $2.3 million. Pudgy Penguins trail with a 49% decrease to $2 million.

Despite the dip in sales volume, the NFT news remains vibrant.

In today’s NFT news, discover details about Coinbase NFTs’ latest AI-powered feature, the open beta launch of Nifty Island, and Nyan Heroes’ early access play-to-airdrop along with its inaugural airdrop quiz.

Coinbase’s Marketplace Introduces AI-Generated NFT Feature: Instamint
Coinbase’s NFT marketplace has unveiled Instamint, a novel feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Instamint simplifies the NFT creation process, allowing all users to generate their own NFTs effortlessly. Users can create an on-chain collection by adding a photo, naming it, providing a description, and optionally setting the gas price in ETH, starting at $0.01. The feature aims to streamline NFT creation, particularly benefiting aspiring artists. Coinbase NFT launched in beta in June 2023 and operates as an open marketplace for NFT trading, allowing users to utilize their non-custodial wallets.

Nifty Island NFT News: Open Beta Launch
Nifty Island’s open beta is now live and free for everyone to play. Users can participate by connecting via MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, or a social/email account. The airdrop will consist of several waves, ensuring continual participation opportunities. Players can view earned points through the airdrop dashboard, with tier levels impacting future ISLAND allocations. The open beta promises an engaging experience with additional rewards for Nifty Island participants.

Nyan Heroes: First Quiz Completed, Early Access Play-To-Airdrop Announced
Nyan Heroes, a highly anticipated game, has announced a play-to-airdrop campaign, allowing the community to obtain NYN ecosystem tokens. These tokens will serve as the economic foundation for Nyan Heroes and future games within the universe. Early Access Game will be accessible to everyone, but NFT owners will receive extra airdrop rewards. Challenges in the upcoming weeks will reward top participants with Genesis collection NFTs, enhancing airdrop rewards during the play-to-airdrop campaign.

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