Tabi Raises $10 Million in Angel Round Funding for Expansion

Explore Tabi, BNB's finest NFT marketplace. Discover their angel round funding, creative features, and dedication to user experience.

Tabi, an NFT marketplace focused on BNB chains, has recently announced raising approximately 1.4 billion yen ($10 million) in an angel round led by Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 company.

Tabi’s Angel Round Funding

The angel round funding for Tabi saw participation from prominent investors in the cryptocurrency space. Notable contributors include Binance Labs, the investment arm of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, as well as major companies such as Draper Dragon and Hashkey Capital. Bo Feng from Dragonfly Capital, Riyad AD from Saudi Arabia, and angel investors like Suji Yan from Mask Network also joined this funding round.

Development Plans and Use of Funds

The recently acquired funding will be instrumental in driving Tabi’s development plans forward. The primary focus will be on the launchpad and game ecosystem, along with the creation of an on-chain identity protocol.

Tabi recognizes the growth potential of the NFT market and aims to go beyond the realm of collectibles and profile pictures (PFPs). Their vision encompasses various domains such as gaming, finance, art, and membership offerings.

Tabi’s Vision Beyond Collectibles and Profile Pictures

As Web3 applications gain widespread adoption, there is a growing interest in areas like gaming and memberships. Tabi aims to provide value that caters to the popularization of NFTs. They are committed to facilitating the creation, trading, and utilization of NFT assets.

Tabi’s Main Features

Tabi distinguishes itself through its three main features: marketplace, launchpad, and on-chain identity protocol. Currently in the beta phase, these features are designed to enhance user experience and drive innovation in the NFT space.

Fast and Cost-effective NFT Trading on the BNB Chain

Built on the BNB chain, Tabi ensures fast and cost-effective transactions for NFT trading. This infrastructure enables seamless buying and selling of NFTs, contributing to a vibrant marketplace.

Supporting NFT Projects through the Launchpad

Tabi’s launchpad plays a crucial role in supporting NFT projects. It provides a platform and services for crypto asset projects to conduct token sales and public offerings. Similar to the highly successful Binance Launchpad IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), Tabi’s launchpad empowers listed tokens to potentially experience significant growth.

On-chain Identity Protocol for Enhanced User Experience

Tabi introduces an innovative on-chain identity protocol that rewards users for their blockchain activities. Users accumulate experience points for each action performed on the blockchain, which can be redeemed for future benefits and rewards. This mechanism aims to make collecting and trading NFTs a more engaging and rewarding experience for Tabi users.

Community-driven Approach and Rewards Program

Tabi embraces a community-driven approach and encourages user participation. Starting from May 29th, Tabi launched a compensation plan where users can earn NFT rewards by completing various tasks. These tasks include inviting friends or synchronizing accounts on Reddit, a popular online bulletin board.

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