Super Mario Fans Get Three Nintendo Switch Games Online

Nintendo Switch Online offers Super Mario fun. Three iconic Mario games are joining the collection, exciting fans of all ages.

As the standard flag-bearer of Nintendo, Mario has cemented his position as the face of the company and has delivered some of the finest 2D platformers in gaming history. The franchise has continuously adapted to the changing times and has successfully ventured into various genres. Despite these transformations, Mario’s early appearances as the lead character in numerous groundbreaking games will forever be cherished by gamers worldwide.

Mario’s Popularity and Influence

Mario’s immense popularity in the gaming community has spawned a multitude of products and collaborations. Notable among these is Super Nintendo World, an attraction at Universal Studios dedicated to the iconic plumber. Additionally, the recently released Super Mario Bros. movie further exemplifies Mario’s enduring relevance. The success of the franchise has transcended decades, establishing Mario not only as a cornerstone of the gaming world but also as a prominent figure in pop culture.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Announcement

According to Nintendo’s latest press release, three cherished Super Mario games will soon make their way to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack library. On May 26, Super Mario Advance, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 will be added to the collection, bringing joy to Super Mario fans around the globe. These games were originally released for the Game Boy Advance and will be made available not only in North America but also in the Japanese region.

Excitement for Super Mario Fans

The inclusion of these three titles in the Nintendo Switch Online library brings forth excitement for both young and old fans alike. Younger gamers will have the opportunity to delve into Mario’s rich history, experiencing the adventures that captivated previous generations. Simultaneously, older fans will relish the nostalgia of revisiting cherished classics. The addition of these highly acclaimed Mario games to the library undoubtedly enhances the value of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Hope for Future Additions

While the forthcoming Super Mario games are cause for celebration, there are still a few notable titles from Mario’s extensive catalog that are absent from the Nintendo Switch Online library. Fans eagerly anticipate future announcements from Nintendo, hoping for the inclusion of these missing gems. The addition of more Mario games would further enrich the experience for Switch owners and perpetuate the legacy of the world’s most renowned fictional plumber.


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