Quirky Soul College Unveils 2024 Roadmap, Highlights Last Mint Wave, Introduces New Gameplay, and Reveals Neo X Plans

“Quirky Soul College Unveils 2024 Roadmap for Neo N3-Based NFT Game

Quirky Soul College (QSC) has recently disclosed its comprehensive roadmap for the year 2024, detailing exciting developments for its NFT-based game built on the Neo N3 blockchain. The roadmap is structured into tertiles, spanning Q1/Q2, Q2/Q3, and Q3/Q4, and features key highlights such as the final wave of QSC NFT minting, innovative gameplay additions, and plans to expand into Neo X.

Final Character NFT Mint Wave
In the first third of the year, QSC is gearing up for the third and ultimate mint wave of its character NFTs. Mint waves, limited-time events, enable players to create new Quirky Soul characters. Following the conclusion of each wave, NFT minting is temporarily paused until the next wave launch. The first two waves had a combined limit of around 1,000 NFTs per wave, with Wave 0 running from October 31, 2022, through January 22, 2023, and Wave 1 from March 13 to May 14, 2023.

Gameplay Enhancements
Throughout 2024, QSC plans to introduce interactive storytelling experiences, enabling NFT holders to co-author the narrative by influencing episodic decisions. Character NFTs allow distinct voting on story trajectories, with a DAO-like model empowering the community. Team missions, scheduled for the first third of 2024, will require players to send their characters on adventures into the ‘Night’ to gain experience and level up.

Neo X Expansion
In the middle of the year, QSC aims to extend its game onto the Neo EVM sidechain, Neo X. Initial development and testing will take place on TestNet, with the MainNet launch scheduled for the last third of 2024. Neo X aims to connect Neo N3 with the widely-used EVM network, broadening development opportunities in the Neo ecosystem and addressing certain MEV behaviors.

About Quirky Soul College
QSC is a story-driven NFT game featuring unique NFTs called Quirky Souls, allowing owners to join the College, level up, and participate in an evolving narrative. As the first dynamic NFT-based game on Neo N3, QSC’s dynamic NFTs have updatable metadata triggered by smart contracts. Founded by Michael Fabozzi, creator of NFT-lending pioneer Rentfuse, QSC explores blockchain technology’s potential to engage with digital collectibles. The project joined the Neo EcoBoost program in August 2023.”

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