PwC’s UK Chief Advises: Embrace Office Attendance 4-5 Days a Week, as AI Takes Over

The chairman of PwC UK, Kevin Ellis, emphasized the need for junior staff to increase their in-office presence as Generative AI takes over routine tasks traditionally assigned to them. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Ellis highlighted the impact of AI, stating that it is eliminating tasks that were traditionally part of the learning curve for junior staff.

According to Ellis, with AI handling these tasks, there is a necessity to expedite career progression, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions and collaborative development. To achieve this, he suggested that spending more time in the office is crucial.

Despite the ongoing trend of remote work, companies have been encouraging a return to the office, with managers expressing a preference for less remote working. Ellis particularly advised younger staff to resist the allure of working from home.

In conjunction with his remarks, PwC released a report indicating that British companies are adopting AI at a faster rate than their global counterparts. The survey, encompassing over 4,600 global CEOs, revealed that 42% of UK CEOs implemented AI in the past year, compared to 32% globally.

Ellis also predicted changes in the audit sector due to AI, foreseeing a shift away from hourly billing towards outcome-based fees. He emphasized the increasing importance of licensing and charging for technological assets in this evolving landscape.

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