PUBG 23.2: Improved Team Gameplay and New Systems

PUBG update 23.2 introduces the Recall and Clan systems. Team up and win the battleground.

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as PUBG: Battlegrounds receives its highly anticipated update 23.2. Rolling out on May 17, 2023, for the PC version and later on May 25, 2023, for consoles, this update introduces two innovative systems that aim to elevate the team-playing experience.

The Recall System

One of the standout features of the update is the Recall system, a game-changer for players looking to revive fallen comrades and bring them back into the game. With the introduction of the Recall system, every player now drops a unique item called the Blue Chip upon death. This Blue Chip acts as a token of the fallen ally’s presence and potential resurrection.

To revive a fallen teammate, players can collect their corresponding Blue Chip and proceed to Blue Chip Towers or Transmitters scattered throughout the map. These Towers and Transmitters serve as key locations where players can register the Blue Chip, initiating the revival process. During the next stage of the match, the fallen ally will be brought back to life, ready to rejoin the battle.

It’s worth noting that the Recall system introduces an intriguing strategic element to gameplay. Opposing players have the opportunity to deny the resurrection of fallen enemies by safeguarding their Blue Chip within their own inventory. This adds a new layer of complexity to battles, as securing the Blue Chip becomes crucial in thwarting the revival attempts of adversaries.

The Clan System

Another major addition in PUBG update 23.2 is the Clan system, which enables players to band together in groups of up to 100 members. Joining a Clan offers various benefits, including additional Battle Points (BP) and Experience Points (XP). By teaming up with fellow Clan members, players can unlock exciting rewards and progress faster in the game.

The Clan system emphasizes the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Playing alongside members of your Clan fosters a sense of camaraderie and coordination, leading to more effective strategies and improved chances of victory. Furthermore, leveling up as a Clan contributes to a shared sense of accomplishment and recognition within the PUBG community.

Additional Changes in Update 23.2

Update 23.2 also brings a convenient quality-of-life improvement for players – the addition of an icon that indicates the last location where a player exited a vehicle. This feature comes in handy for those moments when you find yourself wandering the battleground, trying to recall where you parked your car. With the location icon, you can easily retrace your steps and locate your vehicle without wasting precious time.

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