PlayStation-Backed Studio Deviation Games Suffers Layoffs

Deviation Games reportedly hit by layoffs, affecting around 90 staff members. Learn more about the impact of these layoffs on the gaming industry.

In recent news, Deviation Games, a US-based video game development studio, has reportedly been hit by layoffs. According to sources cited by VideoGamesChronicle, around 90 staff members may have been affected by the layoffs. This news has come as a shock to many in the gaming industry as Deviation Games is known for its highly anticipated new AAA PlayStation exclusive title.

Deviation Games Employees Announce Layoffs on Social Media

Several employees have taken to social media to announce that they have been laid off and are currently seeking new employment opportunities. One of the Principal Technical Artists at Deviation Games, Christopher Berry, posted on LinkedIn, “A bunch of my colleagues and friends were laid off from Deviation Games today. If any recruiters have open positions, please consider hiring some of these wickedly talented folks!” Similarly, Jared B., a former Associate Producer at Deviation Games, posted on LinkedIn, “Unfortunately, I was affected by the layoffs today at Deviation Games. I am looking for roles in Production immediately.”

Co-founder Left Deviation Games Last Year

According to the report, one of Deviation Games’ co-founders, Jason Blundell, left the studio in September of last year. This news, combined with the recent layoffs, has raised questions about the future of the studio.

Unity Software to Lay Off Nearly 600 Employees

In addition to the Deviation Games layoffs, video game software developer Unity Software has announced that it will lay off nearly 600 employees, or 8 per cent of its workforce, in order to continue positioning itself for long-term and profitable growth. According to a company filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Unity Software will incur approximately $26 million in charges in connection with the restructuring, “which are substantially all cash expenditures and which will be substantially incurred in the second quarter of 2023.”

The Impact of Layoffs on the Video Game Industry

The recent layoffs at Deviation Games and Unity Software have raised concerns about the impact on the video game industry as a whole. Layoffs can have significant effects on the morale and productivity of the remaining employees. Additionally, layoffs can lead to a loss of institutional knowledge and experience, which can be detrimental to the development of future games.

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