Brewery Introduces the First AI-Generated Beer in the UK

Brewery in the United Kingdom Taps into Artificial Intelligence for Unique Beer Creation

Nethergate Brewery and Distillery, located in Suffolk, England, is redefining the art of beer crafting through the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI). The innovative brew, named “AiPA” (Artificial Intelligence IPA), is not defined by AI as an ingredient, but rather by how the recipe itself is devised.

Head brewer Ian Carson, driven by creativity and curiosity, spearheads the discovery of AiPA. While AI offers insights during discussions among the brewing team, it lacks the seasoned wisdom of experienced brewers. As a result, AiPA is a collaborative effort, combining the expertise of the brewing team with AI’s contributions, rather than being solely an AI-brewed beer.

The recipe for AiPA is a fusion of imaginative concepts from the brewing team and suggestions generated by data-driven AI. Described as a seasonal pale ale on the Nethergate website, AiPA exhibits a golden hue with prominent citrus and floral notes. These flavor profiles are derived from a mix of hops, including Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra.

Nethergate Brewery sees this innovation as a significant stride forward in the beer-making process. AiPA stands out as the first of its kind in the U.K., signaling a departure from traditional brewing practices. Ian Carson reflects on the experience, stating, “As someone deeply rooted in traditional brewing, the thought of bringing AI into the mix felt like uncharted territory.” However, Carson quickly embraced the idea, expressing pride and excitement about the exceptional pale ale created through this unique collaboration.

The utilization of AI extends beyond the brewing process at Nethergate Brewery. The creation of advertising materials and equipment is also influenced by artificial intelligence. Following the formulation of the recipe, AI was employed to design the pump clip for AiPA, generate a social media post, and even craft a press release for the innovative brew.

In the words of the brewery, “AiPA is not just a beer; it’s a celebration of innovation in every sip.”

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