Challenge Your Skills at Bomb Battle Game Rooms

Discover the excitement of Berjaya Times Square's interactive attraction. Solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and have a blast at Bomb Battle

Do you thrive in high-stakes situations and get a kick out of cracking a good mystery? How about getting your face painted in the name of entertainment? If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, you will like the newest activity in Berjaya Times Square, “Bomb Battle.” Immerse yourself in one of five exciting gaming rooms, each with three tiers of difficulty, in this interactive experience. Bringing together elements from arcade games, escape rooms, action movies, game shows, and e-sports, Bomb Battle offers a really original experience. Let’s go into the specifics of this exciting journey and see what it has to offer.

Power Grid Connect the Dots

Bomb Battle’s initial room, “Connect the Dots” or “Power Grid,” presents players with a seemingly easy task: connecting the dots. But as soon as you figure out one riddle, another one appears, and it gets progressively harder. With the clock ticking away in the corner, it’s clear that time is of the essence.

Accuracy is Key in This Laser Maze

Proceed into the next area, where you will encounter the “Laser Maze.” You must avoid the laser lines as you make your way to the switches on each side of the room that will disable the lasers. The laser maze is a test of your agility and patience, so try not to get too worked up.

Melody Hack: A Challenge for Future Composers

The final chamber, named “Melody Hack,” is a musical challenge for those who feel up to it. Carefully tune in to a series of tones and then play them back using the wall-mounted sensor panels. The higher your score, the more songs you can remember and play back correctly. Put your memory to the test and see whether you have the musical prowess of a 21st-century Mozart.

Get the Secret! : Break the Code

Room four, titled “Decrypt It!,” is where cooperation and problem-solving really shine. Work together efficiently as a group to decode the numerical sequences shown on several displays. The problem is that it’s not an easy task because of factors like fading colors and fast computations. This room is a true test of your interpersonal, analytical, and deductive abilities. As you try to solve the codes, you can feel the adrenaline rising from hearing the eager cries of other players in adjacent rooms.

Bomb Disarmer: A Circuit-Breaking Adventure

The fifth and final chamber, aptly named “Circuit Cracker,” poses the greatest challenge of them all. The amount of time you have to disarm a ticking bomb is based on the points you’ve earned in the previous rooms. If the bomb is not defused, the entire crew will be covered with fluorescent paint that will glow in the dark. Under the accompanying full-body hazmat suits and other gear, however, the paint is easily washable. Can you beat the clock and defuse the bomb, or will the dazzling new look be too much to resist?

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