Battle Between Solana and Bitcoin, Ronin Wallet Update – Today’s Highlights in NFT News

In the past 24 hours, there has been a modest recovery in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, providing a glimmer of positivity in the daily NFT news roundup.

The market has surged by 11% within the mentioned timeframe, reaching $32,246,366 at the time of writing.

Buyers and sellers have seen a marginal decrease of about 1%, while transactions have risen by less than 1%, as reported by CryptoSlam.

Among the top 10 collections in terms of sales volume, the standout performers for the day are LIGO BRC-20 NFT with a remarkable increase of 130% and Dokyo with a solid 29% gain.

Overall, Ordinals lead in sales volume with $1.49 million, closely followed by CryptoPunks with $1.36 million.

In the realm of daily NFT news, Bitcoin and Solana engage in a competition for the second spot among the top 10 blockchains by NFT sales volume. Ethereum maintains its stronghold in the first position, albeit with a slightly reduced volume of $9.4 million, according to CryptoSlam.

Bitcoin has surged over 21% in the last 24 hours, boasting a current volume of $7.6 million, pushing Solana (up nearly 3% in the past day) to the third position with a volume of $7.42 million.

The fourth-ranked Polygon, witnessing a 65% increase, holds a volume of $2.97 million.

Notable winners of the day include Panini, with an extraordinary increase of over 1,500%, entering the top 10, and Ronin, experiencing a substantial 390% rise.

In a significant development, Ronin, associated with the play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity, has announced a major upgrade to its official crypto wallet. The upgrade, to be rolled out in phases over the next 14 days, introduces enhanced security, multi-chain support, an in-app browser, and additional features to provide users with more comprehensive NFT information.

Rario, a cricket-focused NFT platform, has revealed the closure of its current platform due to challenges faced over the past six months. The team cites issues such as the NFT sector crash, management failures, and regulatory headwinds. Despite forming a new management team, the current Rario product will be sunsetted on January 29, with wallet cash balances available for withdrawal until March 31. A new and improved version of Rario, featuring cricket-based games, is set to launch in March, but existing Rario cards will be incompatible. The team is working on a compensation plan for affected users.

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