AI-Powered Visual Shopping Tools with OpenAI

Did you hear about Klarna teaming up with OpenAI for some new AI shopping tools?

The Swedish payment guys just announced this new shopping lens that uses OpenAI to basically let you shop by taking a photo. Wild right? You just snap a pic of something you like, could be clothes, gadgets, furniture – and boom, two seconds later the app shows you that item and where you can buy it. Apparently it can recognize like 10 million products already. Nice.

They said it doesn’t let you take photos of people though, for privacy or whatever. Which makes sense. Don’t need an AI creeping on folks. Anyway, it’s supposed to be better than Google Lens because Klarna designed it just for shopping, not random junk. I feel that.

This thing is live now in Sweden, UK, US and some other countries. And get this – they also launched a barcode scanner so you can scan stuff in real stores and instantly get reviews, price checks, other color options – super useful stuff when you’re out shopping.

People must be into this kind of tech too. I saw this report saying lots of folks want to just snap pics of stuff to buy it easy, or use AR to see how something looks in their crib before buying. Gets rid of all that searching and thinking. Sign me up!

So yeah, pretty futuristic moves from Klarna. AI is gonna change the game for how we shop. What do you think? Crazy or convenient?

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